FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much do you charge for a house call, and what does this include?
$75 for the house call, this includes a physical exam and my recommendations to get your pet better. Keep in mind you are saving time and your pet will be in the comfort of his home. These are the prices of our products and services 

2) What's the benefit of a house call veterinarian?
Some pets are difficult to take to the vet because of their size or because they are aggressive. By having a vet come to your house you will save time and your pet won't get as stressed. There is also the possibility that your dog will get nauseous in the car, urinate, defecate or get loose from his leash. At animal clinics your pet will be exposed to other sick animals which may make his condition worse.

3) What does my dog need on an annual exam?
He needs his vaccines, heartworm test, deworming and rabies tag. 

4) Do you do home euthanasia, and how is it done?
The pet is sedated, an intravenous catheter is placed in the vein. Euthasol solution is given into the vein so the pet passes away peacefully without any pain or discomfort.

5) If I have more than one dog is the house call still $75?

6) What are the times that you make house calls?
  by appointments

7) Do you have an online vet store to buy food and veterinary products for my pets?

8) My pet needs surgery and/or dental cleaning, can that be done at home?
No, the surgeries and dentals  can only be done at an animal clinic.

9) Can you do health certificates and travel certificates?

10) Do you do Coggin's test and health certificates for horses?

11) What's the best way to contact you?
Email me at [email protected] or text me at (904) 345-0062

12)My dog doesn't go outside, does he need heartworm prevention?

 13) Why is my dog itching and scratching all the time?
The most common cause of itchiness is due to allergies (food, fleas or environment). We can recommend the proper nutrition and coat care to relieve your dog's misery. Flea and tick prevention is also important; just one flea bite will create an inflammatory cascade all over your pet's skin.

14) What's the benefit of spaying my dog?
Spaying your dog before 6 months will eliminate the occurrence of breast cancer, prevent pyometra and ovarian cancer. There is a pet overpopulation in Florida, go to your local shelter and notice how many pets need homes. If these pets don't find homes they will be sacrificed. It's to the benefit of your pet's health to get spayed and also a good for our community. 

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